A GIVEAWAY for Tofu Lovers!

Do you love tofu? Want to fall in love with it even more? Do you want to make yummy tofu recipes with me? Then check back here next Tuesday for a very exciting giveaway! Nothing is better than winning! (Ok, maybe there are a few things better than winning, but winning is certainly fun!)

Hint: It involves tofu!

Shop the Props!
Like the lettering style of the word "TOFU"? It could be yours. Check out Photolettering.com. The alphabet is an upcoming release by PLINC! While you are there, subscribe to their blog, The Plog, to find out when it will be released.


  1. Hey there! In answer to your question about those chocolate chip cookies, they're actually just called Kelly's Chocolate Chip Cookies...it's one of several versions in her book, but since these are the ones she grew up eating, she used her name in the title.

    BTW, love your blog!!

  2. Bianca! Love you! Can't wait for your cookbook! Great, I'll be making those cookies for my son's preschool picnic. Thanks!


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