Vegan Doughnuts by Dunwell

These donuts travelled 120 miles and lived to tell the tale.
Mr. Scissors was off on a day-away mancation, and for my hard work keeping the homestead together while he was away, I was promised doughnuts. I'm cheap labor, what can I say? I really wanted Doughnut Plant confections, but unfortunately, he did not make it to the shop in time. Plan B was to pick up vegan doughnuts by NYC-based Dunwell at Lula's Sweet Apothecary (one of my favorite places for vegan ice cream--specially the cashew based). After looking at Dunwell's site, I discovered they had some pretty funky flavors, so I requested anything chocolate or fruity. The next morning, I discovered that what awaited me was funky. Licorice and peppermint stick. Hmmm... Those were the only two Lula's had. Still, I tried them with an open mind.

I first tried the peppermint stick flavor, expecting it to taste like toothpaste, but the mint was very subtle. The doughnut was on the dry side, but light and airy and not laden down with that heavy, greasy coat-the-roof-of-your-mouth feel. Next was the licorice, again, the flavor was subtle, more like anise. Sweet, without being an instant cavity. Was I blown away? No, but these are not flavors I would pick. I would like to try a more traditional, pedestrian flavor to make up my mind. I've also concluded I am not a yeasted doughnut kinda girl. My husband thought they were a good doughnut and happily finished them for me. If you've tried them, I'd like to hear your thoughts.


  1. to put it kindly, they look gross!

  2. Well, to the doughnuts' defense, they were smashed together in a bag overnight after their journey from the city.

  3. While the peppermint isn't overly sweet, it does have a candy cane-like flavor. Not bad, but the licorice is much more subdued and accessible.


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