Vegan Baked Goods from Whole Foods

Vegan brownie and vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookie sandwich

Oh, Whole Foods, why do you always bankrupt me? I do so well throughout the store, trying not to get too distracted by various seitans and bags and boxes of organic things I have never heard of, but when I get to your bakery and hot bar, I lose all sense and end up spending an extra $100 in humungo salads and one of every baked good that has a taunting green "VEGAN" sticker on it. Then I eat said salad and eat that huge cookie and say, "Uhl, this is gross! Never again!" Well, I fell prey... again.

After a very quick stop at Whole Foods before a party, I popped over to see what vegan sweet offerings they had. Normally, at this store, there are just a couple of token vegan cookies and a small offering of cupcakes and muffins (none of which I have ever been blown away by). That day, they had BROWNIES and a COOKIE SANDWICH! I was a sucker and bought both. I sampled them the next morning.

I tried the brownie first, and was pleasantly surprised. It was cakey, but fudgy at the same time. Not overwhelmingly sweet or chocolatey, the brownie was a bit like the best of both types of brownies. Kinda reminded me of a brownie that I make that my friend Kara loves. Next, I opened the cookie. The first thing that hit me is that it smelled like sulfuric acid. I tasted the filling and it was disgustingly bland and the texture was like nasty shortening (ingredients list stated it used Earth Balance shortening). The cookie itself was hard, overly salty and had a distinct baking soda aftertaste. Wow, talk about disappointing. But, silver lining, I am on a diet, so good thing, because I had no desire to eat anymore of it.

The lesson here, I guess, is first, stick your shopping list. Second lesson, buy the brownie or a single cookie if you have to, but if you can, bake your own. Nothing can compare to cookies baked with love over cookies baked by corporations.

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