Spice in the Kitchen: Vegan (Easter) Banana Bread

Nothing says Easter like banana bread, right? No? You're right.
My son is having an Easter party at his school tomorrow and I volunteered to bring in the sweet. I was going to make sugar cookies that looked like flowers, but I had some brown bananas and decided to bring in something (somewhat) healthy instead. The kids are two. Are they going to protest that their dessert is not Easter themed? I think not! Plus, on these "party days," he comes home with no appetite, so I might as well try to get some whole wheat and bananas in him. The recipe is from Post Punk Kitchen. A perfect and easy vegan banana bread! I used whole wheat pastry flour and vegan sugar and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Comes out awesome no matter how many little changes I make to the recipe.

Moomin tea towel, courtesy of my favorite Finn, Kaisa Leka.

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