Scissors Craft: Paper Collage Art

It's very appropriate that the first name of my blog is scissors because I have always enjoyed doing collages. Probably since before I was in grade school. My initial inspiration came from my then high-school-aged sisters cutting out pictures from magazines and arranging them artfully on a pieces of paper to decorate their walls. In junior high, I was quite fond of making collaged mix tape covers from pictures torn out from Hare Krishna books that were given to me in Harvard Square. In high school and college, I would decorate letters to friends (way before the age of email and eons before texting) and then store the returned letters from said friends in shoe boxes that I also decorated with collage. (The collaged letters were often lettered as well. In my senior yearbook, my friend Will called me "The Queen of Lettering." See, it was destined that I marry the king of lettering! :) ) After college, I did not do much with collaging, but right before my son was born, I did a huge framed piece for him that now hangs above his crib.

These latest 5x7 collages were directly influenced by the work of Rex Ray and the impetus to do so was inspired by a collaboration with my friend Kara. I have been creating more and am quite in my zone while working on them. My 5-year-old daughter has been witnessing me create, and has been quite inspired to work on her own and decorate her walls with her work.

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  1. omg yes! and modwalls is soon releasing their rex ray tile! i think it is time for you to re-do your bathroom!


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