Restaurant Review: Devi Vegetarian, Exton, PA

The outside of Devi (located in a strip mall across from the Exton Mall)
Hot buffet including idlis and briyanni. Those noodles were sooo good!

Cold buffet with chutneys, dahi vada, curd rice, fruit and salad.
Creamy sabji--most likely not vegan.

A masala dosa, included with the price of the buffet.

Pistachio kulfi.
Interior. Casual dining.
Like I have mentioned before, my husband and I are lacto-vegetarians, which means we don't eat eggs, but still consume dairy. We're mostly vegan at home. (To be quite honest with you, the more I hear about the treatment of commercially owned dairy cows, the more I lean towards veganism.) We tend to favor purely vegan eateries because we can rest assured knowing that there will be no eggs in any of the preparations (we also typically prefer not eat at places that serve meat, but will do if we are in a bind). There are a few "pure veg" places that are actually lacto-veg and they are 99% of the time Indian, because, well, I would guess that 90% of lacto-vegs are usually Hindu. One such place is relatively close to where we live, Devi in Exton, PA.

We have been coming to Devi (just outside of Philadelphia) for a few years now, after a Google search to find the closest vegetarian restaurants to us pointed us in their direction. Devi is mainly a buffet--which we love with the kids--but you can also order off the menu. The buffet is $12.95/person and this also includes a made-to-order dosa! You can't beat that price, plus little kids eat for free (and they always in indulge them with a lolipop at the end of the meal). Devi is one of my daughter's favorite places to eat. There are plenty of mild dishes for kids, like idli and dosa, plus they have fresh fruit and desserts, also included in the buffet. I think it is BYOB, for I am pretty sure I have seen people drinking wine with their meals, but call to make sure.

The buffet varies from day-to-day, but you can always count on various sabjis (curries), sambar, idli, rice, pakoras, briyani, and pongal. I've been when everything is awesome, nothing is overly spicy and I leave with a very plump belly. Other times, it's not been as fulfilling. But, that's just my opinion. My husband is always very happy and satisfied and my daughter is always well fed. My biggest gripe with Devi, which may be a bonus to you, is their overuse of onions. I'm not a big fan of them. But, again, that is my personal preference.

I'm sure there are many preps in the buffet that are vegan. They usually will have a cream sabji and possibly one with curd and a dahi vada, but everything else could potentially be vegan. Call ahead to see what dishes they have planned for the night if you are vegan. Dinner doesn't start until 6 and the restaurant quickly fills up by 7. And if you are not vegan, order a mango lassi as soon as you sit down, because if you are not a desi, you may need to cool down your mouth when you accidentally bite into a red chili.

Devi Vegetarian
151 West Lincoln Highway
Exton, PA 19341-2615
(610) 594-9250

Mon-Thu 11:30am-1:30pm, 5:30pm-8pm
Fri 11:30am-1:30pm, 5:30pm-9pm
Sat 5:30pm-8:30pm; Sun 4pm-8pm

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  1. we had been to this restaurant many times during our stay of one year, in 2 spells, in the US.It is certainly home in an alien country.


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