Philly Vegan Fun Day! Nick's Vegan and Smith Memorial

Chocolate chip coconut bar
BLT wrap
Grilled tofu "egg" wrap
The new small kid friendly section at Smith Memorial Playground

*NOTE: Nick's has since closed as a café, but is available for catering! :(

Being that it is Good Friday, we all had the day off from work and school and being the good Mommy and Daddy that my husband and I are, we decided to have a kid-centered day. We toyed around with taking the kids to the Please Touch Museum or the Franklin Institute, but honestly, their prices are outrageous ($60 for a family of four??? Yikes!). We finally concluded that going to the Smith Memorial Playground was our best bet. It's free (admission is on a donation basis) and fun and they have the most killer two story wooden slide. My husband and kids must have gone down it about a dozen times. If you have kids under 10, you should go!

Now, the best part about Smith, in my opinion, is that a new vegan restaurant just opened up around the corner! Nick's Vegan has been in business for a few months. When we stopped in, they were on a limited menu because they were renovating their space, but the owner told me they would be open with a full menu next week. It's a casual place in a very odd location, but hey, if it works their for them, that's great. The East Fairmount Park area of Philly really needs some revitalization, for sure.

We bought two wraps that sounded very boringly basic, but I forgave because of the limited menu situation. The owner was very friendly and even gave my kids a piece of yummy carrot raisin bread to keep them occupied while we waited for our order. It was cutting it close to nap time, so we ate in the car on the way home. Wow! These wraps were surprisingly tasty. Refreshingly so. One of my biggest beefs with vegan cooking is that they tend to rely heavily on onions and garlic for flavor (O&G as it is called in our house). The sandwiches had really nice combinations of flavors without leaving your mouth feeling like you just smoked a cigarette of onions. The dessert bar was very caramelly and not overly sweet. I can't wait to go back when they are fully up ad running to see what they have to offer. I have this feeling between Smith and Nick's, we'll be in Fairmount Park a lot this spring and summer.

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