Spice in the Kitchen: Brownie (Cake) Pops [Trial Run]

What a dramatic picture for such a frivolous treat
If you remember, I cursed Starbucks for making my lacto-veg, mon sans oeufs fils (like my high school French?) cry for cake pops. Well, to make my little one happy, I made him a cake pop. It was pretty easy and I think the next time I make them, I could easily make the batch vegan.

I used Trader Joe's Belgium brownie mix (yum! and works well with egg replacer--a near perfect brownie) and mixed three-quarters of the baked result with about a 1/2 cup of chocolate frosting. They rolled into balls beautifully.

After I froze them, I dipped them into melted chocolate. Now, here's where I should have prepared more. I don't like the look of them with a flattened top. I thought if I stuck the lollipop stick in a cup filled with rice, that that would be a nice anchor. They are so top heavy that they just flopped over. Short on time, I decided I would aim for more aesthetically appealing brownie pops next time, and I just placed them top-side down on wax paper. Next time, I will have a prepared piece of dry floral foam (poked with holes) in a pan to hold them upright. Lesson learned. Overall, they were great. I took one bite of my son's and am sending the rest to my husband's office. Happy Monday, guys and gal! Enjoy them!

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