Scissors Craft: L is for Love

My first pottery class caught me without an idea after I had been bookmarking ideas in my brain for a month or so. I decided to do something simple to get me started and to also make something for my daughter. What could be simple than cutting out an "L" (the first letter of her name) out of a slab of clay? I was quite happy with it and she loved it. The colors are much different in person, but I'll let that slide. There's a notch in the back to hang it on the wall, but I think we're going to hold off on that until the kids are older.

More pics of my pieces to come. Many were just fired and I have not picked them up yet. I refrained from taking the 2nd session of the class and am holding off until summer. I have very few child-free days ahead of me before the kids are done with school, so I thought I better use them wisely and not schedule any more classes!

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