Restaurant Review: Blackbird Vegan Pizzeria

Ok, so maybe this isn't a review review, but just letting you all know that I finally was able to check out Blackbird Pizzeria in Philly. My husband and I were off to a show at the TLA on South Street and stopped in for a quick snack beforehand. I grabbed a slice of pizza and a Dry soda (only 50 calories!). Normally I am really not into vegan cheese so I was a bit skeptical, but the pizza was great actually. The crust is unique--nice and crispy and light--almost like the texture of a very thin English muffin. The pizza itself had a great combo of flavors too. I would definitely go again if we were in that area. People have said that their sandwiches are great too, but need more filling. Maybe I'll have to inspect for myself next time. They also serve Vegan Treats if your sweet tooth is a callin'.

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