Gee, Thanks Starbucks and Your Damn Cake Pops!

My poor kids. They never get to have the treats other kids readily get to indulge in. When I saw that Starbucks had rolled out this new line of "petites" I almost cried when I saw the cake pops. My son is too young to understand that we don't eat eggs, so every time I get my decaf skinny latte now, he sees and really wants a cake pop. "Mommy, lollipop, yes? LOLLIPOP! MOMMY!" So, to pacify him (and to practice some more baking skills) I think my next baking project will have to be some egg-free (possibly vegan?) cake pops. Definitely will be using real chocolate and not candy melts with mine. Pictures to follow!

Great cake pop ball tutorial here at Sugar Derby.

All props to the original cake popper, Bakerella.  Check out her book here. Sending her prayers for her speedy recovery.

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