Doughnut Plant NYC: The Universe's Best Doughnuts

If you've never ventured to New York City, here's your excuse to make it there as soon humanly possible. Doughnut Plant NYC quite possibly has found the perfect recipe for happiness, I mean, doughnuts. All their goodies are made fresh daily and are free from preservatives, artificial dyes, eggs and trans fats. See, they are practically health food, so order a half-dozen and another half-dozen for the ride home. They are like Lay's, once you pop, you really just cannot stop. Sorry vegans, as far as I have been told, their goods are lacto-veg. (VEGAN UPDATE! I wrote to them just to make sure they had no vegan goodies. They don't BUT don't be sad, they'll be featuring some vegan doughnuts soon! YEAH! Vegan doughnuts! I'll let you know when I find out.)

My favorites are the carrot cake (it's filled with creamy goodness) and the black out cake doughnuts (melts in your mouth and sends you into a fit of bliss). My husband's favorite is the coconut cream filled yeasted doughnut. Now this may be speculation but... on a recent road trip my sister took with her daughter to see me and the fam, she was stopping in New York to visit her friend, but I really think she was just going to stock up on fried goodness from Doughnut Plant.

To make getting your sweet on even easier, they have recently opened a second location at the Chelsea Hotel! I think all that crazy NYC snow has finally melted, so get going and get to the Doughnut Plant, pronto! They are even open every day now! Life is truly very good.

Doughnut Plant NYC
379 Grand St, New York, NY 10002; 1-212-505-3700
Chelsea Hotel, 220 West 23rd Street; 1-212-675-9100


  1. love both the carrot cake and the coconut cream! i wish i lived in NYC just for the doughnuts :)


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