Tutorial: (Vegan) Valentine Heart-shaped Cake in Steps!

If you can find a medium sized heart shaped cake pan, then use that. If not, you can bake the cake in a 9x13 pan and use large cookie cutters to cut out a heart shape. The vegan cake recipe I used will follow the tutorial (I halved that recipe and baked it in a 9x13 pan for about 20 minutes). After baking your cake, let it set--overnight in the refrigerator is best. This lets it firm up and make it easier to cut and frost.

Remove the heart from the rest of the cake. You will need two hearts to make this cake.
I bought these cookie cutters at Target in the Valentine section.

I then sliced the layers in half with a sharp knife that is wider than your cake. To do this, press your hand firmly on the top of the layer and eyeball where the middle of the layer is and slice slowly through the layer. Next, I created a barrier for my homemade strawberry sauce by piping a border of chocolate ganache around the edges. This prevents the sauce form leaking out and making it hard to do the final icing. Now fill in your ganache moat with the strawberry sauce. Top it with the the matching layer. Set aside and repeat with the other layer.
Take one of your strawberry/cake layers and top it with a thick layer of ganache. Don't be stingy. Make it at least 1/2" thick. Place the other strawberry cake layer on top. Make sure your hearts line up nicely when stacking them.
Your layers, all nicely stacked. Already looking good!
Add a crumb layer all around your cake. I slightly warmed the chocolate ganache I used for the filling and spread it all around the cake with an offset spatula. Put in the refrigerator and let it set overnight.
When the crumb layer has set, cover the sides of your cake with any frosting of your choice. I chose my favorite--chocolate mouse (not vegan). I applied a thin layer on the sides and took a frosting comb to even out the mouse, making those nice professional finished looking lines. Then I dusted it with crushed chocolate. I then took a large piping bag fitted with a Wilton 1M tip and did a decoration I thought was kinda bakery-ish around the top and bottom edges. At this point, I had two toddlers running around me and wasn't able to be as careful as I wanted to be. Once the top was edged, I filled the heart in with the rest of the homemade strawberry sauce. Not bad for my first cake! If I can do it, you can too! Good luck!


  1. i heart your cake (get it?!) so much more than that red one! oooh btw...chocolate heart...dark chocolate heart...black heart...joan jett and the...

    seriously. i could go on all nite.

    looks beeeyoootiful!

  2. agggg! typos. that's what i get for doing this post in the YMCA lobby with 800 kids whining about the homework they had to do.


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