Scissors Craft: Vegetable Stamping/Print Making

Oh baby bok choy! You are so lovely! You are just begging to be a stamp!

Ready for framing!

24-month-old getting in the action, with paint brush in the other hand.

Eco tip: Veggie/fruit trays make excellent paint trays before you put them in the recycling bin.

Color change.
After making the braised ginger baby bok choy, I was about ready to put my veggie scraps in the compost and I noticed that the cut ends of the bok choy made a really beautiful pattern. I left them out to dry and the next day, I had the kids use them as stamps. They loved it and made some pretty cool artwork for Mr. Scissors.


  1. love it! we did veg stamping a few years ago with carved potato and homemade elderberry dye. i wonder if my kids would still be into something like this. hmm....

  2. Cheap craft. Celery scraps make good stamps too. A great way to make homemade gift wrap, cards, etc.


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