Scissors Craft: The Key to My Heart is an Xacto Knife

The kid has mad Xacto skills.
He did the lettering digitally, printed the card, pasted a red heart inside and die cut the keyhole.
One thing I love about Valentine's Day is that my husband and I always make something for one another. This year, we gave each other the same card! Ok, well, not SAME card, but the same wording, "You have the key to my heart." Weird. (Much like 11 years ago, when we got engaged on Valentine's Day and we ended up giving each other the same gift. Queue "Twilight Show" theme music.) His card was executed WAY better than mine (a heart locked up with a real lock, and it had to be opened with keys in order to read the message inside). Here's a look at his. Fine motor skills must be a genetic trait, because my 5-year-old's are out of this world, just like her daddy's.

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