Scissors Craft: Homemade Valentine Heart Crayons

Crayons, ready for the smelters.

Peeling off the silicone mold.

The finished product. Heart crayons!
Close up. Note: Crayola takes longer to melt than cheap crayons and they retain their shape more.

"Friend, You color my world!" All packaged up with custom tags in pink bags with a little notebook with each crayon.

My kids have probably no less than 7 million crayons. So when I saw this idea, I knew that it would be a perfect Sunday morning craft project. My daughter was a big help and is so excited to give these out at her Valentine party at school. After Valentine's you could use different shapes, like circles or flowers; a great idea for birthday party favors.


  1. You are amazing! I love the crayon idea!

  2. Did Lila do ALL the labels? I could barely get Ella to sign her V-Day cards. "My shoulder is soooo tired Mom..."

  3. One card, scanned and printed 6/sheet. Come on, it's the computer age--it's how we roll in this house!

  4. seriously....when i saw this post i was like *cute craft*....but did L really do all that writing!!! must have taken forever!

  5. Sabjis--Look at the comment above. They were scanned and just printed. One card, 6 ganged up on one sheet. Easy!


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