Photo Essay: Sunday Thrifting

Nicely plucked brows!
I should have bought this, but I'm try to amass less crap. Austrian bell from 1973. 
Alex Steinweiss album cover.

This is NOT the dirt, people.
Nice color combo/illustration.
Now, this is thrifting! Me, sorting through boxes of crap. Scored NOS vintage ledger paper.
Handy Andy had some nice packaging. Make tight stay tight!
Now this was the crazy junk pile. Scored a ton of vintage Ts, 50s dress, 70s wool plaid skirts. All for $5!
Oui! Oui! Nice design!
The family and I headed to our somewhat local farmer's market/flea market this morning to buy veggies and a Chinese dress for my daughter (who has decided she would rather be of Chinese heritage). To our surprise, there were vendors outside (normally a three-season event). It was a surly bunch who did not bother trying to set up their wares all pretty on tables and defend to you that the item you are looking at could sell on Ebay for 10 times the price they are trying to sell it to you for. Nope, these sellers just threw their crap straight up on the asphalt. Now, that is my favorite kind of thrifting. You have to work for it. You just have to bring tons of hand sanitizing wipes when you get down and dirty like that. Favorite finds of the day: a vintage Penna Dutch tea towel, 80's vintage Ts and a 50s dress that looks like it was never worn.

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