Vintage Craft Books: Birthday Parties for Children

Cover, thoughtfully wire bound.

That poor mother. ;) 
Before there were scanners and Photoshop.

Cute idea for a themed train party.

Oh, those illustrations!

I love the watermelon.

Cute little kids!

Perfect matryoshka face. The pink heart cheeks--how cute!

Come on, they just don't do illustrations like these anymore!

The lady bugs!

Puppy dog cake: reminds me of the Easter bunny cakes we made with the coconut frosting for fur and gum drop eyes.
I LOVE this book published by Betty Crocker in 1964 and thought it would be appropriate to display since I am getting ready for my daughter's party with her school friends. I love at the end of the book--it gives a time a timeline for planning parties--it states, "Two weeks prior to the party, decide on a date and time." Good one. These days you need to plan 2 months in advance! Or maybe that is just me...


  1. i am totally about 2 months ahead of time. grab that date! but it seems like everyone else is 2 days ahead of time. come on people! target is not in my backyard! that is why i have a dresser stocked with gift wrap (recycled) and gifts appropriate for all different ages.

    love the book. how do you own so many cute things but not have a house of clutter?

  2. Book shelves! A garage that we cannot park our cars in!


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