Spice in the Kitchen: Cherrybrook Kitchen's Gluten-free Cupcakes

We went to a friend's house tonight who was recently diagnosed with a wheat allergy. She loved my cupcakes and I loved that she loved them. But alas, that love affair had to end. Since we don't eat eggs, gluten-free sweets can be quite a challenge. I decided to give Cherrybrook Farm's gluten and egg-free yellow cake mix a try. The batter is quite easy to make, just add oil and water and you are done. It didn't smell so cake-ish, so I decided to add chocolate chips and espresso powder. The batter is very muffin-like. Not runny like a cake batter.

To carry on with the coffee/choco theme, I made a cream-cheese mocha frosting. I didn't have butter, so I used sour cream. It was pretty good! A little runny without the butter, but still yummy. This recipe could easily be veganized.

Verdict? Gluten-free baked goods are not baked goods like you know them, I know that and did not expect it. This mix, however, was flavorless, even with the addition of the chocolate chips and espresso powder. The texture was not bad. I've made their chocolate mix before and it has a much better flavor. So, if you want to make gluten-free cupcakes from a box, go with Cherrybrook's chocolate cake.

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