Scissors Craft: Xacto Birthday Card!

My husband, who is quite handy with an Xacto, made this perfect birthday card for me. It's actually simple, all you need is patience and a steady hand.

How to make it yourself:
First thing is first. Determine what size/color your envelope will be and coordinate your 2 paper colors with it. You will need heavy weight cardstock so that you can cut it without it tearing and so the card will stand up for display purposes. Have a sharp Xacto on hand and a self-healing mat or wooden cutting board.

With your cardstock for the main body of the card, measure out the proper size, and instead of folding it in half, fold it three's (so that it opens like a fancy brochure). To do so, measure the full length of your card. If you want it to be a finished length of 4x6, then your card should initially be 12x4. On the long side, make at a mark at 3" (from the left edge) and then at 9." Draw pencil guidelines from top to bottom at your marks and score. To score, take something dull, but yet sharp, like a cuticle pusher or they actually make them, a scorer, and draw a line along your guideline on the inside of the card where you drew your pencil lines. Using a ruler as a guide will ensure you get a steady score.  Don't push so hard that your cut your paper, you are just making fold lines. Then fold along the scores. Erase your guidelines if you used them. (Sorry, lots of explaining for a simple task!)

Now that your card is folded and the two ends meet nicely in the middle (you hope!), now is the time for the stencil. You can use stencils that they sell at hardware stores or you can use what my husband used, Eames Century Modern Stencil, from my Alma Mater, House Industries. (Buy fonts, never, ever steal of "borrow" them!) Trace your stencil in pencil--one on each outside flap--after making sure the two numbers are lined up properly, kerned nicely, and you left a sufficient amount of room away from the border of the card. Cut out the numbers with your Xacto. Be patient! Take your time! If you mess up, it's ok, you drew the numbers in pencil! You can erase anything that did not get cut out.

Next, cut your contrasting paper to line the card. Cover the insides of both flaps with the paper using an nice archival glue stick and stick on your contrasting sheets. Next, cut a back piece where your message will go, but leave a nice 1/8 edge border around the base of the card to show the paper contrast, i.e. cut that piece a tad smaller than the back of the card. (Write your message BEFORE you glue it down. God knows, you'll make a typo on there and have to start again. Easier to cut a new piece then start a new card.) Once your message is nice and sappy, glue it to the inside back and voila! A super cool birthday card!

For the envelope, use your paper scraps to make a badge. Cut out two pieces, one a tad smaller than the other, glue the smaller to the bigger one and then glue to the envelope. Write the person's name on the badge or if you are feeling super crafty, use another stencil cut on the badge before you assemble it. My husband is a machine of a letterer, so he can get an engraved look, just by using a pen! I'm a lucky girl!

Phew! That was a lot of explaining! Thanks for the card, honey (and the blog fodder!). I love you!

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  1. The bent corner of a paper clip or dull side of a butter knife works well for scoring too.


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