Scissors Craft: The New Scissors and Spice Logo by Ken Barber

The new Scissors and Spice logo was created by the very talented, fabulous, witty, devilishly handsome and kind, Mr. Ken Barber (of House Industries and the blog He also doubles as my awesome husband and is one of the fortunate few whose hobby is also his job. As an excuse to try a stenciled script, he kindly offered to design a hand-lettered logo for my little fledgling blog. Out of the kindness of his heart! Isn't he sweet?

The inspiration comes from some old tymey stenciled kitchen tins that we fell in love with during a visit to Rockwood Mansion in Wilmington, DE. Ken researched other reference material from the same time period, like flour sack designs and tea chest lettering, and started sketching away. I'm really happy with the final product. It's structured, but fun; robust, but still feminine. I hope you love it too.

Keep an eye out for Scissors and Spice merch featuring the logo in the near future!


  1. I like these pics showing the process of how the logo came together.

  2. love love love!!! so happy that you're finally launched!!!


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