Scissors Craft: I'm Knitting Again!

For my birthday, I promised myself that I would tap into my creative energy. I signed up for two classes: knitting and pottery. I dabbled in both before the kids were born, but you know how that goes... having two toddlers means not having much time for hobbies. My knitting class has begun. There are only two students and my teachers knits differently than I do. I hope 1) that the class continues, 2) that my son continues to like the babysitting at the Y, and 3) that I can still learn from my teacher who knits backwards. This project is more to get my hands used to knitting again, but I think I might turn it into a figure 8 neck warmer. I've already made tons of mistakes, but, I'm trying not to dwell.


  1. jaya subhadraJanuary 09, 2011

    I knit backwards as well.

  2. well, supposedly i knit backwards so says my new teacher. BUT my old teacher was from england, and she said she taught us the continental method, but my new teacher says i knit the american way. so... there is a youtube video about american vs. continental; i have to watch it and see who is right.

  3. ok, i knit like an american. odd that an englishwoman would tell me differently. USA! ;)


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