Mi Lah Vegetarian: The World's Best Vegan French Toast!

French toast so good, you just have to spread the love.

My selection: tofu benedict. Yum! Miso braised kale. Yum and yum some more.

This Saturday's brunch date, Bondé', chose biscuits with sausage and avocado.

Every now and then, I am granted a "get out of jail pass" by the wonderful Mr. Scissors, and I brunch with friends at Mi Lah, sans children. Besides having time to ourselves, we can't get enough of the vegan French toast. In fact, I think if they just served French toast, we'd keep coming. They do offer, and we do order from, their other selections, however.

Girl's Morning Out
Take a look at their vegan brunch menu, our favorites are:

Tofu Benedict: Miso braised kale, oven roasted tomatoes, seared tofu and hollandaise over toasted english muffin with red bliss and sweet potato home fries. I love the crispiness of the tofu and lemony hollandaise sauce. The miso braised kale is ultra yummy and so healthy!
Vegan Omelet: Served with red bliss and sweet potato home fries toast and your choice of omelet fillings. My favorite filling combo is red peppers, vegan cheddar and veggie sausage.
Yards Beer battered Seitan: Served on Belgian waffles with fruit salad. This is Mr. Scissors favorite.
Veggie Sausage and Avocado: On freshly baked biscuits in mushroom gravy with sweet potato home fries and bronzed coconut king mushroom. Bondé said the mushroom tastes just like fish! I never liked fish though... I may have to get this next time.
Vegan French Toast: This is the ultimate in yumminess. It's a big slab of French bread, battered and deep fried. It's got a subtle cinnamon flavor and it's not too sweet. It's super crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. You've never had French toast like this--it's incredible. It somewhat reminds me of a French toast/doughnut hybrid. I have friends that will travel over an hour to get it!
    Other notes: The place is cozy, but they do have a more spacious 2nd floor. I have been there many times and sometimes the temperatures of the entrees can be all over the place. Sometimes they so superbly fresh, other times, you get cold toast, luke warm home fries and a hot omelet. Their toast should be served with a side of vegan butter automatically and the toast itself could be on a less Wonderbread type whole wheat.  A larger tea selection would also be nice. You typically don't need a reservation, but if you are coming on a holiday weekend, like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, or with a large party, please make one ahead of time. The staff is very pleasant and gives you just the right amount of attention. I have a hard time with wait staff that tries to be your BFF and make conversation the whole time you are trying to eat or have a conversation with your own BFFs.

    Mi Lah | 218 S. 16th Street |Philadelphia, PA 19102 | (215) 732-8888 | http://www.milahvegetarian.com

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