Head to Head: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Smackdown!

How does your cookie stack up?

I miss the Nestlé toll booth cookies of my childhood. Since giving up eggs over a decade ago, I have been trying to find the perfect, classic, bakery style chocolate cookie recipe. It was not such a hard thing to do using butter, but making them vegan was a whole other issue. My fellow baker friend, Åsa, and I picked some vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes to see which one was the best.

Scissors and Spice Head to Head: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Smackdown!

The recipes used:
1) Vegan Cookie Connoisseur
2) Novel Eats
3) Silk Soy Milk 
4) La Dolce Vegan: Recipe for "Classic Chocolate Cookie"
5) Fat Ass Vegan

The results:
One thing I learned is that tastes vary. There was no one cookie that the tasters outright agreed was the best. The one cookie that almost everyone said was the worst was someone's favorite! One cookie I thought was not so great, was my husband's favorite. With that said, the two that received the best overall reviews were:

Tie for 1st Place:
Novel Eats
Silk Soy Milk 

Coming in 3rd Place:
Vegan Cookie Connoisseur

Comments from testers:

Classic flavor, dry, some liked the texture, while others thought it flat, needed more sweetness, left a baking soda aftertaste
Great shape, chewy texture, crispy edges, nice classic flavor and look, a bit too chewy
Nice texture, classic childhood cookie flavor, good looking cookie, crunchy and chewy, a little too salty
4) La Dolce Vegan: Recipe for "Classic Chocolate Cookie"
Nice flavor, too oily, too dry, granular, crunchy on outside, soft inside, not chewy
*Note: This was baked at 375 as was #1 and we found these two to be the driest. Maybe it would help if they were baked at 350 like the others.
Dry, salty, not much flavor, yummiest

So there you have it. I had a hard time deciding. I think ultimately, I liked 3 the best, but I liked how 2 was a bit like a chewy store bought cookie. We didn't use the same type of chips and that may have been an issue, but if the snow hadn't been such a PIA, we could have made it to Trader Joe's for their semi-sweet morsels. Great minds think alike! Thanks for baking with me, Åsa! Thanks to all our testers, I know we really had to twist your arms to eat 5 cookies! ;)
NOTE: Earth Balance was used in the recipes where margarine or butter was called for. If you have to use EB for a recipe that also calls for salt, halve the salt. EB tends to be salty. If anyone knows of a better vegan buttery flavor margarine that bakes well, please let me know. EB leaves a weird after taste, IMO.


  1. KrsnamayiJune 13, 2011

    I used to make Nestle toll house cookie bars by replacing the butter with prune puree. Fabulous!

  2. Really? With no other fat as the replacement? Did they come out kind of bready?

  3. In the picture of the stack-up, which cookie is which?


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