Etsy Find: Handmade Valentine's Day Card Picks

Not the usual color scheme, but I dig the folky German angle. Letterpressed by Concrete Lace.
Set of 24 mini cards for kids by West Mama. Beats that store bought Disney crap, hands down.
Mini cards. Perfect for a little boy's school friends by Sweet Harvey.
Narwhale Valentines card embroidered by Killed the Cat.
Another non-traditonal color combo and more whales. Forget cupid, whales are the new mood maker. By Smock Paper.
I like that Etsy is a place for anyone to sell their wares, but I wish there was a juried section where only the best could be displayed. It took me a long time to wade through the handmade Valentine's cards (most of which just looked like bad scrapbooking experiments) to find some worthy specimens. Here are some of the cuter ones. Whales!

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