Scissors in the Kitchen! Vegan Whole Foods Cupcake Re-do

My son was born at the crappiest time of the year for a kid. 4 days after Christmas. I can relate, I was born about 10 days after Christmas (you hear that y'all--my birthday is coming soon, starting prepping now!). It was always a suck to get your presents wrapped in Christmas paper (that is if anyone remembered at all after the Christmas/New Years's haze), get Christmas clearance leftovers as a gift, etc. I always wanted to be born in May or June. Nice mid-point between gift receiving. Now that I am older, I can care less, but when you are 8, it really does stink. I am digressing, but I am trying to make the point that I always want my son's birthday to be a BIRTHDAY and not a continuation of Christmas. No Christmas wrap, only birthday wrap. No red and green cupcakes. I even removed the Christmas tablecloth from the dining room before we had cupcakes! I am that committed!

Well, his birthday was on a Wednesday and his party was not until today, but I still wanted to sing happy birthday to him on his actual birthday. We were out all day, and I was not about to make cupcakes when we came home, so I bought a vegan cupcake while grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I couldn't just plop that plain confection in front of him! I had to do something to it. Some gel pens, candles and M&Ms later--it became an alien cupcake! See, you can be crafty too. It's really easy!

Shop the props!
Plate: Orla Kiley for Target (Available for a pretty penny now on ebay!)
Tablecloth: Target (No longer available, I think, so I guess you can't shop that prop!)

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