Head to Head: Vegan Black Bean Brownies Recipes!

My black bean brownie beat up your black bean brownie!
Awhile ago, I showed my friend Åsa a crazy looking recipe for no-fat vegan black bean brownies and forgot about it, until a few days ago. She asked me if I had ever made the brownies. "Hmmmm... no, let me see if I can find the recipe." Finally, after searching on the interwebs, I found the one that I had sent to her and another one that seemed like it was a better version. Ah-ha! A great idea! Unless there are ratings on on-line recipes, you never know what you are going to get. I mean, any crazy person can post crazy... recipes... on the inter.. hey wait! So, I thought, a great idea for the blog! Put two recipes for the same item against one another and see which one is better! Åsa is an awesome baker, so I felt totally confident asking her to accept the challenge.

I chose the basic recipe from Happy Herbivore and she took the more complicated Cake Walk recipe.

Now, I have to say ever since I have stopped eating eggs over a decade ago, I have been on the look-out for a near perfect brownie. I like fudgey brownies and my friend Deva at Sabjimata sent me the BEST recipe, but not vegan. I like for everyone to be able to eat what I make, so if possible I try to make baked goods vegan. Found another great cakey vegan brownie recipe, but still no fudgey perfect vegan recipe has been found. But, I digress...

Åsa and I were meeting with a big group of friends for brunch one morning and we brought the brownies along. The verdict: Cake Walk's recipe won hands down, no questions asked.

Comments on Happy Herbivore's: "What is that taste? I can't put my finger on it." (A: Lots of cinnamon.) "This isn't a brownie, but more like a... a snack bar." "It's very mushy and wet. And super fruity." "This reminds me of when of those raw deserts I had when I was on a raw diet." I do have to say, my kids did love them, but I added some chocolate chips at the top, so that helped. The brownie is relatively healthy, so I actually didn't mind them eating them for breakfast! They are... good, but not chocolatey or brownie-ish.

Comments on Cake Walk's brownie: "Now THIS is a brownie!" "Mmmm... yummy! I need milk!" "Way better!" "Amazing!" This brownie is chocolatey and somewhat fudgey. I think it would be helped by some fat, like Åsa noted. Maybe 1/4 cup of oil? Her notes: "I used equal parts whole wheat and spelt flour (Arrowhead Mills), 2 cups sugar, 1 1/2 cups walnuts (what the recipe called for), and probably about 1 cup choco chips. Canned beans. The batter was very runny, thinner than cupcake batter."

So there you go! A successful head to head!

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