Design Inspiration: Richard Scarry; The Animals' Merry Christmas

I love Richard Scarry's illustration style. When I was a kid, I got lost in his books. I found this one, The Animal's Merry Christmas, at a thrift store last year. Finally brought it out to read to the kids. Enjoy the glory of these cute drawings.

Those trees! I wish my neighborhood looked like this!

I want to be a hedgehog and have dinner with this family.

These are the type of illustrations I would sit and stare at for ages when I was a kid. Cozy rabbit house!

I have to boost that owl for something...

Love the colors.

I want to live in that town. So many Santas!
Back cover.

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  1. RS was my favorite author as a tiny tyke. Sadly, my kiddos never got into him. :(


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